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Deputies prepare for possible shootings with high tech training

Authorities in Daviess County got some important and high tech training on Tuesday in case of a shooting event.

The Daviess County Sheriff's Office is getting some real life experience without putting themselves in danger.  Daviess Co. deputies used a training exercise to better prepare themselves for handling a shooting situation. 

Daviess County Sheriff Deputy Russ Day's decision making abilities were being tested on Tuesday with Milo, a training program borrowed from the Kentucky Association of Counties.

"I thought I did really well. I made some good decisions. I didn't shoot anybody that shouldn't have been shot," Deputy Day said.

The training exercise is more about decision making then it is about target practice. The program contains hundreds of scenarios from school shootings to bar brawls.

"I picked about 10 to 12 scenarios that our people may be involved in on a day to day basis," said LT. Ottaway Kirby.
If a deputy makes a wrong decision, the training program could put them in a gun fight. Deputy Day says the training prepares him for real life situations.

"Some of our shots are probably more truer then they might be if somebody was shooting back at us, but this is the best training we can get other than real life situations," Deputy day told 14 News.

The sheriff's office will use the virtual training program for two more weeks before moving on to the target range.

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