Sheriff Deputies get experience without putting themselves in danger

The Daviess County Sheriff's Department is using a training exercise for free that involves shooting a gun, but deputies don't have to spend any money on bullets.

The training program is called Milo. The Daviess County Sheriff's Department is borrowing the program from the Kentucky Association of Counties. It contains hundreds of real-life scenarios from school shootings to bar brawls that deputies could encounter. "I pick about 10 to 12 scenarios that our people may be involved in," said Lieutenant Ottaway Kirby.

Deputies have a laser gun and watch a screen that shows the scenario being played out. If deputies can shoot the target if they feel threatened. The training exercise is more about decision making then target practice. The training program can put deputies in a gun fight if they make a wrong decision. "So far the ones that have been put in a gun fight have taken out their target," said Lieutenant Kirby.

The Daviess County Sheriff's Department will be using the virtual training program for two more weeks before moving on to the target range.

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