Will a wintry mix mess with your Wednesday morning commute ?

A winter weather system is moving in from the south tonight and early Wednesday morning.  The timing is going to be a little off for anything more than light rain, or some light snow accumulations by Wednesday morning.  Here is the latest model data showing potential rainfall with the system.  As you can see, it's slim pickings on the rain totals !

                      The snowfall model is a little more interesting.  It's showing around a half inch of accumulation over the eastern edge of the Tri-State.

The fly in the ointment with a forecast of this type is that it is very difficult to know when the changeover will occur and how much moisture will be available for snow.  Ground temperatures are near to just above freezing, and the forecast low is right around 32, so we don't really have ideal conditions for accumulating snow.

Trouble spots—especially elevated roadways and bridges will be the first to freeze.  The window of opportunity for travel problems will run from 4am to 8am, right in the middle of the morning commute.  Be sure to check out Chad and Byron tomorrow morning on 14News Sunrise to see what the roads are like before you head out.