Burger with a side of Restaurant Tax

City Commission to Restaurant Patrons: Extra Greens, Please

At a packed city commission meeting, Beaver Dam city leaders voted to add a 3% restaurant tax at all restaurants.  On top of that, they're calling for a new 1% room tax on all motel / hotel rooms.

A vocal crowd spoke out against the new taxes, but the city says, they have a plan for the money.

Jonathan McEmber tells us what the city plans to do with the new revenue, at 10.

State Investigation into Auditor

He was called "the right man to look over the city books."  Now, some Evansville city council members say they feel mislead about auditor David Garrett.   Garrett's CPA license expired 16 years ago.

Awareness Up, More Jobs

This is a bittersweet story really.  Child abuse cases are up in Vanderburgh County, but officials think it's because people are better at recognizing it and reporting it.  Now, Department of Children's Services is hiring more case managers.

Dew for Breakfast

Talk about a kick-start in the morning.  Mountain Dew is coming out in fruit-flavored version meant for the breakfast table.  You probably could have used some this morning.

Happy Monday!


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