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Grandson talks about possibility of his grandmother's murderer going free

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Robert Wayne Grass. Source: Warrick County Sheriff's Office Robert Wayne Grass. Source: Warrick County Sheriff's Office
Robert Wayne Grass in 1988. Robert Wayne Grass in 1988.
Source: Warrick County Sheriff's Office Source: Warrick County Sheriff's Office

A convicted murderer may be out of prison soon, if the judge allows his sentence to be modified. 

Robert Wayne Grass was convicted of killing his stepmother and step grandmother back in 1988 and is back in Warrick County on Monday night. Grass was found guilty when he was 18 years old, and has served nearly 25 years of a 100 year sentence at a maximum security prison.

One person that couldn't be there on Monday was one of the victim's grandchildren who lives in California. 14 News caught up with him through Skype and he says his life was destroyed after the murders and says Grass doesn't deserve a chance out.

Robert Wayne Grass, now 42, has spent more than half of his life behind bars for the brutal murders of his stepmother, Cynthia Grass and step grandmother Edith Maxey in Chandler back in 1988.

On Monday, his brother and father testified, saying they forgave Grass for the murders and wanted his sentenced to be reduced.

But one of the victim's family members feels no time in jail would be enough.

"To me it was like the end of my life," Jimmy Castle, Edith Maxey's grandson, said.

Grass was a 17-year old Castle High School student at the time of the murders, 18 when he was convicted.

A psychological evaluation wasn't done until 2000 and 2012. The psychologist also testified on Monday saying Grass was mentally sane, but came from a dysfunctional family that lead him to these heinous crimes.

"What was so shocking is a woman that was so great in life and with people everybody loved her, the most devastating part is how she was murdered and what took place," Castle said. 

Monday was also the first time we heard a confession from Grass. A psychologist testified Grass told him he wanted to call his dad who was in the hospital that Friday the 13th, but his stepmom, Cynthia, wouldn't let him.

Grass told the psychologist he held Cynthia in a choke hold while Edith Maxey tried to intervene with a knife.

What came next, even the psychologist says didn't make sense.

After Grass realized Cynthia was dead, he strangled her with a cord, put a bag over her head and stabbed Maxey to death, then hid the bodies in the Chandler trailer home.

They psychologist said concealing the bodies was typical adolescent behavior in a bad situation.

He also said Grass could be set free because it is unlikely he would commit a crime like this again. Something that doesn't sit well with the victim's grandson.

"It's very hard because I think about my grandmother everyday and what happened to her. It really hurts," Castle said.

It may be three months before we hear the result of Monday's hearing on whether Robert Grass will be set free early.

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