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A really good time at "The Really Big Show"

Let me just say, if you've never been to "The Really Big Show", hosted by our very own meteorologist extraordinaire Jeff Lyons, you are missing out!  The show benefits Evansville ARC (which helps people with disabilities) and packs a great crowd at The Centre! 


I went for the first time this past weekend with my lovely reporter friend, Allyson Kraemer.  The theme this year was "The Really Big Game Show", so in between talent acts, Jeff transformed into different tv game show hosts (some great wigs and plaid sport coats were involved).  Different "cast members" and audience members then played some classic game shows we all know and love.  In all, I think we played "Let's Make a Deal", "What's My Line?", "The Dating Game", "Family Feud", "Jeopardy", "Deal or No Deal" and "The Price is Right"!! 

"The Price is Right" was the big finale and the audience member who played WON A CRUISE!!  It was awesome!  She got to play Plinko, a great game.  I'm hoping maybe Jeff will bring it into the station since they're finished with it now.  It would really entertain us all in the newsroom or in the studio during commercial breaks!  :)  Ha!


Mayor Winnecke made a guest celebrity appearance during "What's My Line?".  They kind of adjusted the rules, I think, and had all the "guessers" wear blindfolds.  (Although, to be honest, this is the one game show I haven't really watched so maybe I'm wrong and they always do that with celebrity guests?)  Anyway, the mayor used a fake voice and answered some pretty funny questions as the "guessers" tried to figure out who he was.  My favorite was the final question, "Who would people say is more famous, you or your wife?"  The mayor perhaps answered honestly… or perhaps just wanted to keep the peace at home, but he answered with his wife! 

Another act that everyone got a kick out of was a performance by Arc's Little Bitty Dancers.  The boys and girls had cute little umbrellas and danced around (or tried to, lol) to "I'm Singin' in the Rain".  Very cute!!


Evansville-based "Jeopardy" was a good time, too.  My favorite had to be the "East Side/West Side" category.  One answer was: "On the East Side it's something you do on a mountain.  On the West Side it's something you drink" (or something close to that!).  The question, of course, "What is SKI"!!!  Allyson is still pretty new to the area and didn't know what Ski was, so I had to kind of clue her in.  It's just an Evansville thing.  :)  We have to have it at family functions when my Uncle Mark is in attendance.  Go figure, he's a West sider.  :)

Overall, a very fun time!!  Jackie Monroe made a guest appearance to play "Deal or No Deal" (remember, she was on the actual show in 2006!).  Jeff wore a bald cap and a fake goatee like host Howie Mandel.  Unfortunately for Jeff (although really it only made things more amusing), his goatee didn't want to stay on! 

I had one other picture I wanted to share with you, too.  It's from two Fridays ago when I was at Harrison for my story about the Spirit Cheer Team, made up of girls with varying special needs.  In between the JV and Varsity games, the Special Olympics basketball team played a game.  And the crowd at Harrison was exceptional.  The students really got into it, as you can see by this sign they made.  It is sooo nice to see kids cheering on those with special challenges because we all know high school isn't the easiest for a lot of people (especially when you are "different").  Made me happy!  Hats off, Harrison!


Well, that's it for today.  Get ready because tomorrow will be my 100th BLOG ENTRY!!!  Woo hoo!! I hope the station remembers to bring me a cake!  Haha… I kid, I kid.  Although, it is Fat Tuesday.   Perhaps there will be something here after all!  :)

Hope you all had a good Monday.

Until next time,




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