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Polar Bear Plunge Breaks Records

The 2013 Polar Bear Plunge at Scales Lake in Boonville was a record breaker. This benefits the Special Olympics of Indiana. What a tremendous honor to emcee this event for the past 10-years…and the support continues to grow each year. I remember the first few years…there were only 10-15 plungers.

The 2013 numbers are in…a record 200 plungers raised  $72,950.51  Last year…over $25,000 was raised with around 115 plungers. 

Kudos to Keith Shelton who raised over $30,000 by himself. Keith is a first time plunger but he has been volunteering with the Special Olympics for over 30-years. He raised the money in just 6-weeks! Keith credits the power of social media.

The weather wasn't bad this year…easy for me to say…I was on the beach. Mid 40s under sunny skies…plus the mild days leading up to the plunge helped warm Scales Lake a bit. I remember 2009 Polar Bear Plunge…ice had to be broken on the lake…and temps were only in the20s. This was just days after the 2009 Ice Storms…some of the participants still were without power.

Byron :)

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