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EPD releases name of man wounded in early morning shooting

Evansville Police are investigating an early morning shooting at 2237 Pollack Ave.

Investigators believe three men were in the home with a female. The victims told police they believed the female knew the suspects and had called them while inside the home.  The victims also thought she had unlocked the door for the suspects.

Once in the home, police say the suspects pointed guns at the males and told them to get on the floor.

One of the victims, 26-year-old Travis Smith, told police one of the suspects put a gun in his face and he swatted it away. He said the suspect then fired 4 shots at him. Smith was shot in the shoulder and the hand. Smith was taken to St. Mary's Hospital for treatment.

The suspects fled the home on foot and were not located.

During the robbery and shooting, the female disappeared.

Investigators are working with the victims to identify the female. Once the female is identified and located, investigators hope to learn the names of the shooter and the other suspect who came into the house.

If you have any information contact Evansville Police.

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