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Evansville man runs into burning home ready to save anyone inside

A Tri-State man ran into a burning home to try and save anyone inside on Saturday afternoon.

Investigators are trying to determine what started that fire.

Fire Chief Amy Smith says no one was home when the fire started, so no one was injured, but one passerby 14 News spoke to said he ran inside the home during the fire to make sure.

Evansville fire crews responded a little after 3:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon, and Smith says the fire was contained in about 20 minutes.

Smith says the fire started in the front portion of the home, and that there is extensive fire damage inside.

One man, Dylan Knott of Evansville, says he was driving by the home on a scooter before the fire department arrived, when he stopped, ran up to the home, kicked-in the front door, and started searching for anyone who might need help getting out.

Fortunately, the home was empty, and Knott says he got out unharmed."I kicked the door in. I ran in there. I made sure nobody was in there. I yelled multiple times screaming, 'Anybody in here? Anybody in here?' There was no animals. I didn't hear no cat, no dog. If it happens again, I'll do the same thing," Knott said. 

Smith says the fire started on the first floor, but that the exact cause is still under investigation.

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