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Weekly Restaurant Report 2/4

 As you make your weekend dining out plans, 14 News will give you the latest food inspection reports from the Vanderburgh County Health Department.

This batch of reports are for the week of 2/4


Restaurants without violations:

McDonald's; 1617 Bartlett 

Vogel School; 1550 Oak Hill Rd

Washington School; 1801 Washington Ave

Barnes and Noble; 624 S. Green River Rd.

TGI Fridays; 800 N. Green River Rd.

Subway; 800 N. Green River Rd.

Great Steak and Potato; 800 N. Green River Rd

Great American Cookie; 800 N. Green River Rd.

Beans and Baristas; 800 N. Green River Rd.

Los Bravos; 4630 W. Lloyd

Donut Bank; 2126 First Ave.

Helfrich Park School; 2603 W. Maryland St.

Thorton's; 500 N. Burkhardt

Spankey's Una Pizza; 714 Sonntag Ave.

Hornvile Tavern; 2607 W. Baseline Rd.

Landmark BBQ; 3901 Broadway Ave.

Cedar Hall School; 2100 N. Fulton Ave

Orange Leaf; 701 N. Burkhardt

Applebee's; 5100 E. Morgan Ave.

Subway; 4313 E. Morgan Ave.

Always Open; 3025 N. St. Joseph Ave.

Tea Room by Mary & Martha's; 118 Vine St.

Daniel Werz School; 1701 S Redbank Rd.

AIS; 3013 First Ave

Goodwill Family Center; 1351 W. Buena Vista

Popeye's; 2200 N. First Ave


Restaurants with violations:

DeLesse's Best; 607 N. Main – 1 non critical

Rally's; 1201 E. Virginia – 1 critical (Handsick inaccessible), 1 non critical

Eclipse Spanish Tapes Bar and Resturant; 2 non critical

Subay; 101 Oakley St. – 1 critical (lacking grease trap mantenance log)

Domino's; 1940 N. Green River Rd. – 1 non critical

Penny Lane Coffeehouse; 600 SE. Second St. – 1 non critical

The Savant Gourmet; 518 Main St – 1 critical (gnats present in back kitchen prep area)

The Main Gate Sports Bar and Restaurant; 516 Main St. – 1 critical (gnats present in kitchen at dish machine and bar. Note servicing with pest control)

 Gary's Parkway Pizza; 3911 Broadway Ave – 1 non critical



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