Dawson Springs soldier comes home to family

It was a happy homecoming for Sergeant First Class Steve Randolph and his family. Sergeant Randolph returned home this evening after spending seven years in Fort Knox. His family placed flags, a ribbon, and signs around their house.

"It's great to be home and I'm looking forward to spending time with my family. I missed out a lot over the last 8 years," said Sergeant Steve Randolph.

Sergeant Randolph was a calvary scout instructor and trained over 1,200 soldiers to be scouts while at Fort Knox and went on to marksmanship and trained over 30,000 soldiers. He is on terminal leave from the army and drove 130 miles today to be with his wife and three daughters.

"We will have Daddy to be home to go to basketball games, soccer games, and he will be able to be there to be involved with kids in sports and activities and school plays and be there for support," said Kristin Randolph.

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