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Going undercover... kind of

Nothing like driving through an upper-class neighborhood in the middle of the day to cover a story about a rash of burglaries that have been happening (in daylight)… while driving an unmarked station car with three missing hubcaps!  Pretty sure someone probably called police to report a "suspicious" car canvassing the area, haha! 

So, that was part of my day.  Proof that crime can strike anywhere.  It's just been reiterated—just got word of a home invasion/robbery in my boyfriend's apartment complex!  Yikes!!  I'm heading there soon so hopefully everything's cleared out soon! 

Now… back to my original story of the day.  I've said before, we come across stories in different ways.  Today, for example, I saw a facebook post that caught my eye.  A follow-up message to an old classmate gave me some additional information… and then police were able to confirm everything.  That part worked like a charm.  If only we could have had yesterday's temperatures while I was out shooting video of random houses! :)

Ok… sorry, again, for not taking pictures.  I should have taken one of the news car to prove I'm not exaggerating!!  I've told police before they should use it for undercover operations.  But, then again, I guess that's sort of why we have it.  :) 

Anyway, I'm going to sign off as I listen to David James next to me on the phone with a viewer who called in just to chat.  This happens more often than you'd think.  We kind of take turns. 


Until next time,



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