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EVSC focusing on technology to get students involved

Computers, smartphones, tablets, they're things many children and teens are using on a daily basis.

And in many cases, technology is right at their fingertips at school.

This week the EVSC is embracing the importance of digital learning.

Wednesday was recognized as Digital Learning "Day" Nationally.

The EVSC focusing on it all week with a blog called The Digital Heroism Challenge, challenging students to get involved.

Every day of the week, guest bloggers, professionals from the community, posted a different topic involving the Internet and digital technology. 

For example, things about protecting your privacy online and backing up important files on your computer.

The corporation says more than 250 students participated in the blog, commenting on the posts and starting conversations.

In Janit Market's freshman English class at Central, she required students to post and says the topics started some good conversations.

"The kids have been really into posting and sharing their experiences with it because it's something they really deal with every day," says Mrs. Market. "They can't live without those phones, they can't live without the Internet so it's a really big experience for them."

Students who participated in the blog have a chance to win prizes too.

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