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IN education committee signs off on school voucher program

Indiana's House Education Committee signed off this afternoon on an expansion of the school voucher program.

The voucher programs provides state funding based on income for students who want to attend private or parochial schools.

The expansion of this program would increase funding for vouchers and eliminate the one-year waiting period students have to spend in public schools, prior to qualifying.

Warrick County's superintendent says this is concerning because the vouchers take away funding from public schools and that the measures in place now were put there for a reason.

"Now it looks like they're trying to change all the rules of the game and they made those compromises to solicit enough votes to pass it," says Brad Schneider, Warrick Co. Superintendent. "So it should be very concerning, I think, to all public school educators, to their parents to have children in public schools because we're all vying for the same dollars from the state."

Schneider urges parents or teachers that are concerned with this to contact their local legislators.

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