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Chandler Jaycees set to make final donation before closing doors

The Chandler Jaycees began in 1968. The Chandler Jaycees began in 1968.

The Jaycees organization in Chandler has been serving the Warrick County community for more than 40. But the organization emptied its bank account for one of it's final donations this week.

Members say it was an emotional announcement, but the chapter is closing its doors.

The organization wrote a $1,500 check, all that was left in their bank account, to the parks board.  

Grover fisher says he joined the Jaycees when he was 18. Three of his older brothers were founding members, so he says he always knew he would be a member.

Fisher went on to serve as president in 1983-1984. The Jaycees funded community clothing and toy drives and worked closely with the parks board to donate playground equipment.

When the community needed something, Fisher says the Jaycees did what they could to make ends meet.

He says membership has been dwindling because people don't have the time or the money to make a commitment to the group anymore.  

He says Indiana once had about 200 chapters, but today only four remain.

"This is very emotional for me, this was a big part of my life, I've met so many people through Jaycee's it's unbelievable and 90% of them are good people and I'm going to miss things like that and unfortunately the town's going to miss it," Fisher said.

the Jaycees donated anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 to the community each year.  

Group leaders plan to sell the property where they met and donate the money to the town.

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