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Western KY cemetery cracks down on grave decorations


A western Kentucky cemetery is cracking down on the kinds of decorations that can be placed around graves.

Officials say enforcing the rules will save the City of Beaver Dam about $15,000 a year.

Hearing that they might have to change how they remember friends and family buried at Sunnyside Cemetery upsets some people.

Leslie Filback has a friend buried at Sunnyside and wasn't happy to hear that some of the decorations around his grave might have to go.

"If they're already on there, and they didn't enforce the rules, I mean, certain things should be okay," said Filback.

City leaders in Beaver Dam say that benches and some other things that are separate from the headstone aren't okay anymore.

Filback thinks that's going to cause some problems.

"There's elderly people out here who have benches, so that they can come sit with their loved ones and stuff, and if they have to take them down, then, you know, it might be harder for them to come out here, cause some of them can't stand for very long," said Filback. 

Items placed right next to the headstone are allowed.

Beaver Dam Mayor Paul Sandefur knows it's a sensitive subject and wants to stop the problem before it gets worse.

"If the city is at fault at anything, I think it's kind of turning the head for a little while and letting some of this stuff start to come up out there," said Sandefur. 

Filback has a possible solution for both sides.

"I would gladly come, you know, fix up Adam's grave or whoever...anybody else's that couldn't get out here. They just need to ask help from the community," said Filback.

Families have until the end of March to remove decorations that aren't allowed.

The mayor adds that it takes workers an extra seven hours to mow and 16 hours to weed around the decorations.

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