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Local church finds new way to raise money for gym

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The Cathedral of Praise in Evansville has now added a PayPal link on their facebook page, so now you can donate directly through their page.

The Cathedral of Praise Church wants to build a new gym for the kids in the community. 

"We had kids cramped everywhere in the sanctuary," said Pastor Bret Myers.

Pastor Myers's church has grown a lot in the past 13 years.

The seats in the sanctuary fill up every Sunday, but it's in this cramped building next door where everything else happens.

"Sunday school, our children's ministry, and our youth ministries," said Cathy Myers, Pastor's Wife. 

Every Wednesday and Sunday, Bret and other church members bus in at least 60 kids.

"Many of the children that come in here are coming in from homes where they're not getting the basic necessities. They're coming in hungry," said Pastor Myers.

The Myers say they need a new facility not only to expand their food and clothing program, but also to give these kids a space of their own.

"We have great grounds in the back, but it's hard to keep them in a centralized location," said Cathy Myers.

"A gym is just an additive to bring them together. Take basketball leagues for example," said Pastor Myers.

Pastor Myers says the church has needed a gym for a while now, but this past week one of his members took initiative.

"Sam and Kyle looked and said how about a Facebook page," he said. "We can start a cause, where everybody who likes it can send in a dollar," said Pastor Myers.

If you want to help all you have to do is go on the Evansville Cathedral of Praise Facebook page.

  • You can also call:  (812) 422-0156
  • or mail any checks to: Evansville Cathedral of Praise, 3006 Mesker Park Drive, Evansville, IN

The pastor says he is also working on setting up a Paypal account so you can donate online, but for now you can just mail the money to the church. 

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