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Special Report Time

Alright!  Another "sweeps" piece in the history books!  These pieces usually take a little more time and effort than our regular "day of" stories, so it's nice to be able to check them off the list. :)

Today was a little change of pace because I worked nightside.  I made myself get up around 8am to go to yoga (which was painful and really awful today).  After that, I came into work about 12:40 or so to get ready for an interview.  I even wore heels!  This rarely happens (as I've mentioned my tennis shoes here multiple times!!), but today I knew I wouldn't have to do too much manual labor! :)  I even wore a skirt, too!  Ha!

Anyway, the rest of the day I put together previews of the story for the 4, 5 and 6pm newscasts and then wrote and edited my story for the 10!

All said, a pretty smooth day.  The best part—I was never in a time crunch!!  This is a big deal because at least, I'd say, about 3 days a week I'm down to the wire to finish things in time for whatever show it's in.  Felt nice to have some extra time on my side!

Back to dayside tomorrow, so I better head on out!  If you missed my special report "Protecting Your Property", we'll try to get it linked on here pretty soon!

Until next time,



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