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Seniors worried new gym won't be finished in time for graduation


Some Jasper residents are concerned the high school's new gym will not be finished in time for Spring Commencement.

With just over 3 months remaining between now and commencement, the new gymnasium remains under construction.

But Superintendent, Dr. Tracy Lorey says there's no need to worry as things are moving forward as scheduled.

Dr. Lorey says poor weather conditions in recent weeks has slowed some outer-construction aspects of the gym, but that it has not affected any of the interior work.

In the past couple of years, Jasper has held it's high school commencement at South Ridge High School and while the corporation is very grateful to Southwest Dubois Community Schools, Dr. Lorey says they're looking forward to holding commencement in their own building.

"I think it's just a sense of community pride. Pride of our senior class, to be able to graduate in a facility that is their own," says Dr. Lorey.

"It is our hope that we would be able to graduate our seniors in our own facility."

Dr. Lorey also says if they new gymnasium is not complete by May 24, they will once again plan to have commencement at Southridge High School.

But she says that's a big if, as she is confident the construction there will be complete by the deadline.

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