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Spread the word to end the word


Treating everyone equally was the lesson on Thursday for some 4th and 5th grades at Burns Elementary School in Owensboro.

Shelly Bozarth has cerebral palsy and lives on the Wendell Foster Campus for People with Developmental Disabilities.

Bozarth is getting her message out to "spread the word to end the 'R' word."

Her goal is to teach children that just because someone may have a disability, or look or act differently, doesn't mean they should be called 'retarded' or treated differently.

"It empowers me to let these children understand we're just like them, we just do things differently," says Bozarth.

"They're curious, they wanna know about our disabilities and everything and I'm just glad I'm out there to help them understand our disabilities."

Bozarth also shared her own personal story about what it's like to live with cerebral palsy.

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