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Man arrested for what was found in his basement

An Evansville man is in jail after police say they found an extensive marijuana growing operation.

Police say they found the pot growing in the basement of 34-year-old, Andrew Fry's Jefferson Avenue Home.

He's charge with dealing marijuana.

This all came about after someone tipped off Child Protective Services saying there was a growing operation in the home. 

Fry has two young children that live there, along with his wife.

EPD says when they responded, two "grow rooms" were found.

Officers seizer 27 marijuana plants and 26 clone plants.

"We usually get a couple of high-end grow operations a year. Sometimes it may be a little bit more," says Sgt. Jason Collum, EPD.

Each "grow room" had artificial lights on a timer and a watering system, which police say makes it more sophisticated.

"The person that's just growing it to see what happens may have a plant that they stick out in the sunlight and they put water in," says Sgt. Collum.

"But to actually have a grow room where you've taken the time to buy the artificial lights and the watering system and install it and use a timer, we see that a few times a year."

Fry's mother, Linda Berg, who is now watching the two young children says he's actually a great dad.

"They watch movies together and draw pictures," says Berg.

"The kids were forced to live in that environment, they didn't choose to," says Sgt. Collum. 

Fry is charged with dealing marijuana and some remnants of the growing operation remain. 

Police say the amount of plants, as well as digital scales they found, suggest the pot was being grown to sell.

Talking to her granddaughters, Berg says it's another detail that doesn't make sense.

"They're real open with me and I know a lot of little things that go on," says Berg.

"One thing I did not hear is that there was any traffic through here. They don't talk about any other friends, it's just mom and dad and them."

Linda doesn't have any reason to believe his daughters were aware of the growing operation, one that police call "high-end."

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