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Mt. Carmel City Clerk: Water is safe to drink

If you live in Mt. Carmel, you may have noticed the water looks a little brown lately.

The city says iron is settling in the water lines and they're flushing all the hydrants in the city this week.

Mt. Carmel City Clerk, Rudy Witsman, tells us after some city water appeared about two weeks ago crews cleaned the water line from the well field to the water plant.

Witsman says on Wednesday the city began flushing all it's hydrants.

Many residents says it's been frustrating dealing with the brown water in toilets, sinks and washing machines.

City officials say the water is safe and boiling isn't necessary.

"It's not contaminated with bacteria or anything. It's all, all of our system is still self-contained. I'd go ahead and shower and all that but I just wouldn't drink it until it cleared up," says Witsman.

Crews will be flushing those hydrants through Saturday.

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