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Local park gets a face lift

If you've ever driven by Jacobsville Park on Baker Avenue in Evansville, you've seen there's not much too it.

Trash litters the ground, there is no lighting and not much of a playground, but that might soon change.

Austin Maxheimer with One Life Church wants you to see Jacobsville Park through his eyes.

"We want to add bigger things like gazebos and playground equipment, but there thing we want to do is turn it into a park," says Maxheimer.

Maxheimer has been working with Jacobsville "Join In" and the Parks Board to turn this around.

On March 16, he says a local landscaper and volunteers are going to kick things off.

"Putting in a border around, creating an entry point to the park. Creating better lighting and things like that," says Maxheimer. So the first phase one is more cosmetic."

That also means cleaning up the trash and adding benches. 

Maxheimer also says they've got input from neighbors surrounding the park.

"The number one thing they said was safety."

So Maxheimer says extra lighting will be installed and eventually when they get to phase two, they might add playground equipment, a shelter and maybe even a community garden.

For Andrew Bartlett, who lives a couple houses down, that's a-ok.

He says he moved to Jacobsville because he sees potential in the area and sees the same potential in the park.

"I think if the neighborhood and city actually viewed it as a park and actually invested a little, there would be a lot more people coming out around here," says Bartlett.

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