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Coming up at 10: Protecting your property

In Evansville, police say they take thousands of theft reports every year and oftentimes even when lost or stolen items are recovered, they sit at headquarters unclaimed.

Of course when something is lost or stolen, it's not always found. 

But police say even when it is, that doesn't automatically mean it will end up with its rightful owner.

Inside the EPD Police Property and Evidence room, boxes are stacked to the ceiling in some places.

But it's a front section right by the door where recovered property that hasn't been claimed sits.

If there are any identifiers, the property room manager tries to reach out to whoever it belongs too but in many cases, no one comes.

"If we've got it, we want to get it back to you because we don't want to hang on to this stuff," says Sgt. Jason Cullum of the EPD.

"We hold onto it for 90 days before it goes in the auction room, but we only do an auction every other year. So we're still hanging onto that stuff and it actually creates a little bit of a logistical issue for us, so we want to get it back."

Thursday night at 10:00, the things police say we should all do to protect ourselves before anything is stolen.

Tips that could help you if you become a victim.

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