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Some in Evansville get "shaken up" for earthquake preparedness

This week is all about earthquake preparedness and on Thursday, many people in Evansville got to experience what a quake is really like through a simulator.

The Indiana Geological Survey's motto during any earthquake is "drop, cover and hold on."

"That's going to provide them the greatest protection. Running outside is the wrong thing to do," said Walter Gray, Education Outreach IGS.

Students from Evansville's Joseph Academy took turns inside.

"to be honest I was really scared. Everything was moving around and I thought everything was going to be falling," said Delicia Drain, 3rd Grader.

The state also invited FEMA to observe and experience "the quake cottage."

"I have never seen this before and I had an opportunity to do it and it's fabulous," said Mary Rhedin, FEMA preparedness officer. "It really is a very moving experience. it's a great opportunity for kids to realize just how serious an earthquake is," she said.

Mary says the goal is to take people from awareness to action.

"We really think the kids are the best way to do that. They really absorb the preparedness," said Rhedin.

Officials say those of us in Evansville should especially be prepared.

"Evansville is more at risk not only because of the complicated infrastructure and population density but because of the local geology," said Gray.

The Indiana Geological Survey travels all over the state.

They say they'll be back in our area in the spring and the simulator will be open to the public. 

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