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Clarksville man gets tax form marked 666, quits job


A maintenance worker at a Clarksville foundry says he quit his job because his W-2 tax form was stamped with the number "666."

Walter Slonopas said he not only quit his job of nearly two years, but he also said he can't even file his taxes until he gets a new W-2 form without the 666.

He contends he's not overreacting and said accepting this number would mean compromising his faith.

"I cannot accept this number, because it's the number of Satan," Slonopas said.

Reading a passage from the Book of Revelation, Slonopas says 666 is not just a number, and it's been seemingly following him for a while.

When he first started working at Contech Casting, he said his employee number for the clock-in system was 666.

"I just - hard to believe, hard to believe - you know," he said.

Slonopas said this has to be more than a coincidence. To him, this is an omen.

"It's important for me, because I am Christian and can not accept this number. As a God-believer, I cannot accept the number of Satan," he said.

And that goes for anything. Slonopas said he wouldn't have a 666 on his license plate, on an residential address, as part of a phone number - nowhere.

Even if his work offered to take him back, he said, he's too weary of having another brush with the number.

He adds he doesn't blame anyone at work for the 666 turning up. Instead, he said he's moving on and is currently on the hunt for a new job.

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