A New Book Can Help Men Fight Obesity

Reporter: Shannon Samson

Web Producer: Amber Griswold

While conducting research for this book, "A Guy's Gotta Eat," author Russ Klettke asked women if merely shopping for food at a farmers' market enhances a guy's attractiveness.
A resounding 87 percent said yes because it says a lot about his interest in health and his ability to cook.
There's plenty of advice in the book for men who need help in those areas.
While more women are obese in this country, men are quickly catching up. In the last decade of the last century, the percentage of men who were obese rose 72 percent. For women, it was only 59 percent.

This book also offers tips on what to cook for a date. So if a man does hang out at a farmer's market and meets a woman, he'll know what to feed her.

In his book, author Russ Klettke, addresses the psycho-social aspects of food that differ between men and women.
Women are constantly bombarded with messages about weight, nutrition and appearance. He says they talk about these issues with their friends and sometimes eat for emotional reasons. He says for men, it's much more simple.
"When we're hungry, we think to eat and our world is set up in such a way that there is a convenience food near you, probably within five minutes of where you're sitting right now."
Men have no qualms about indulging. Problem is, the American Dietetic Association says meals made outside the home have 55 percent more calories than the homemade ones.
The author offers simple recipes that can help men cut back, but says what they drink matters too.
Klettke says if you drink four sugary sodas a day, and you switch to diet soda or better yet, switch to water, you could save 600 a day. In three months, you could lose ten pounds.
Also, men's grocery lists should include plenty of fruits and veggies and they don't have to be fresh. He cites University of Illinois research that shows frozen and canned items can have just as many nutrients.
Klettke says, "So don't feel like you're compromising. Long shelf life goods are really good, and for the guy who doesn't like to go to the grocery store very much, that's great because you go to the grocery store and you can stock up for the month and then you've got some fast food at home."
That's nature's fast food, as opposed to the kind that may get men in trouble.

For more information about the book, go to www.AguysGottaEat.com.