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Confusion still surrounds new Henderson recycling schedule

There's confusion Wednesday night for those still trying to figure out how and when to recycle their trash in Henderson. 

A new recycling schedule took effect exactly one month ago and 14 News has learned some are still confused about when they should put their recycling bins out.

There's a lot to get used to when it comes to that new schedule. The confusion surrounds learning the right day and week your curb-side recycling is picked up.

There are A weeks and B weeks and you have to know the dividing lines of 10 different collection areas before you know what day your curb-side recycling will be picked up.

Nibby Priest, a supporter of the recycling program admits it took him a while to get used to the changes. He says a letter sent out by Allied Waste to all its customers was a little confusing.

He hopes the confusion won't cause others in Henderson to just give up and stop recycling. He says with curb-side recycling still only collected every other week, he would like to see even more changes made to the program.

"One of the things that people are definitely asking for here in Henderson is bigger containers. When I put my recycling out some weeks, it's two or three different containers that I have that I have my recycling in it," Priest told 14 News.

Priest also hopes that a new recycling center that will soon open in Henderson will encourage even more residents to get involved in recycling.  

As far as learning the right day and week for you, Priest says just study the information and give it some time.

For more information and a list of the collection routes and their days, click here.

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