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Has winter withered for the Tri-State ?

By the way the week has played out, you'd think we are done with winter…at least for awhile.  But how long ?  I checked out the Climate Prediction Center's 6-10 day temperature and precip outlooks, and it appears that our "easy" winter weather will stick around through the middle of next week.  Here is the temperature forecast for the next 6-10 days, which covers Wednesday through next Friday.  You can see we will stay near the seasonal temps of 45 for the high and 25 for the low.


Despite a rainy forecast for the start of next week, the models are only cranking out around 1" of rain or less for Sunday through Tuesday.  Usually we pick up about an inch of rain each week in February


So why the mild ride ?  Take a look at the jetstream.

 It will stay in a nearly zonal pattern through the next several days, eventually starting to curve around a low pressure out over the 4 corners region.  This should keep mild air flowing our way and keep winter at bay, at least through the middle to end of next week.

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