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Custom made tanker truck rolls into Princeton


The Princeton Fire Department has added a shiny 3,000 gallon tanker truck to its fleet.

The new truck has front and side nozzles that allow it to spray water on fires from multiple directions.

The custom made truck was designed and built right here in Evansville by Gerry's Automotive.
It comes with a hefty $235,000 price tag, but the truck is already completely paid for out of the department's equipment replacement fund.  

Fire Chief Mike Pflug says the new tanker is going to be key in fighting fires in rural areas that don't have access to a fire hydrant.

"This truck will be able to help us out it with field fires, it has pump and roll capabilities. It has nozzles mounted on the front that will shoot out in two different directions so we can come up on a field fire alongside the highway and just spray water as we're driving," Pflug said.

The new truck replaces a 31-year-old truck that only held 1,250 gallons. The old, yellow tanker was donated to the Gibson County Fair Board.

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