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O'boro works to improve downtown "walkability"


Another idea is on the minds of economic leaders in Owensboro. They're looking at how to make the city even more walkable and pedestrian-friendly. 

Visitors say walking around downtown Owensboro is more than just easy to do, there's also lots to see.

That's especially true for Paducah resident Durwin Ursery.

He and his wife drove up to Owensboro for the day to do just that, take a walk and look around.

"For me, I like the detail. The movement of the facade, the scale of the facade, and these old buildings have that, and they have a sense of the history," said Ursery.

He believes that having a downtown with lots of variety in terms of scenery and choices brings more people onto the sidewalks and into the stores.

It's a nice change.

"The suburb, the suburban mall thing, you go in there, you're like in a prison. You can't see out, you can't do anything, you're trapped," said Ursery. 

As Owensboro develops its walkability factor, how easy it is for people to walk around, Ursery says that could be a key factor for business growth.

Joe Berry with Owensboro Economic Development agrees.

"It's something that has been proven time and time again as something that is a great way to build community, to build a vibrant district of businesses," said Berry.

The concept has a wide-reaching impact.

"Walkability is a personal thing, you know? We need to consider the person as well as the car," said Ursery.

As the redevelopment continues, economic leaders are looking for ways to increase that walkability.

The ways that will be done include extending the sidewalks and offering more outdoor seating at restaurants.

Smaller intersections will also help slow down traffic. 

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