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USI faculty member arrested on drug charges no longer with university

Gerald David McIntyre. (Source: Vanderburgh Co Jail.) Gerald David McIntyre. (Source: Vanderburgh Co Jail.)

Evansville Police arrested a USI faculty member on drug possession charges on Wednesday.

University of Southern Indiana says on Wednesday evening, that visiting theater director, 50-year-old, Gerald McIntyre is no longer with the university.

McIntyre was arrested after police say drugs were found in a package that was a addressed to him.

Authorities say a postal employee handling the package thought it looked suspicious and contacted Evansville Police.

Police say they brought in a drug dog to investigate. They say the dog hit on the suspicious package addressed McIntyre.

EPD says they took the unopened package to McIntyre's address on USI's campus where officers questioned him about the contents.

"He admitted he knew a friend was sending him what he thought was. His statement was one marijuana joint," Evansville Police Captain Andy Chandler.

Captain Chandler says, in fact, the package contained two grams of cocaine- a felony possession- and a misdemeanor amount of marijuana.

"I saw probably like five or six sheriffs," said Lindsey Witty, a neighbor to McIntyre. "I just saw them take a man out of Morton apartments in handcuffs and put him in the back of a sheriff's car.

EPD says McIntyre arrested on possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana charges.

"I wanna live in a safe area. So something like this happening, it's a little uneasy," Kerrick Gerst said.

Gerst and her boyfriend say they've seen McIntyre around and that this incident doesn't speak to the culture at USI.

"It doesn't concern me too much. It's one data point. I don't think there's an underlying issue other than his actions," student Nick Mathis said.

Earlier Wednesday, USI said his employment status was under review. As of Wednesday night, McIntyre is no longer employed by the university. 

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