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Rome mother fired for Facebook post

A mother of three is searching for a new job after she was fired for a post on Facebook.

Like millions of Americans, Misty Roberson joined Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family.

Roberson told CBS Atlanta News that her post only updated friends and family about her 14-year-old's medical condition.

The mother of three never thought the social media site would cost her a job as a clerical worker for Harbin Clinic Pediatrics.

"I'm in a state of shock," Roberson said. "I was at the time, and I still am."

On Oct. 8, Roberson was terminated after her employer claimed she violated the company's social media policy by posting that the Harbin Clinic could not treat her sick child.

"I posted on my Facebook wall that, 'After being at the immediate care for two hours, I finally have answers to what was wrong with Alli's fever because work had no appointments. Can you believe it?'" Roberson said.

Then Roberson's friends all chimed in, expressing their dismay and discontent for how they were treated in the past by her former employer.

"There were over 30 comments on there. People saying, 'That's why we left the Harbin Clinic because we never could see our physicians. They never had appointments and they never could get us in,'" Roberson said.

Attorney Amanda Farahany specializes in employment law and is concerned that Roberson's former employer has trampled her rights to free speech.

"One, it was another situation where a woman is being fired for what she put on Facebook, in her own private space where other people are engaging in conversations with her," Farahany said.

Harbin Clinic Pediatrics declined an interview, citing the company does not comment on personnel issues.

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