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Whooh!  I'm getting a whiff of the sweet smell of freedom.  It's lurking right outside the door in the glorious sunshine.  And this post is all that's separating me from it!  Ha!

You know, a few other 14 News-ers have started blogs.  Chad, Jeff and Byron now have their own entries going on the website.  It took me a little while to get used to all the steps involved in posting an entry, especially if pictures are involved, so last week I decided to type up a tutorial for them to make things easier. 

Well, my tutorial ended up being about a page long with something like 27 steps.  Pretty sure it didn't help reassure them that it's not really that hard, ha!  I did get an email back from Jeff, though, saying it seemed to have worked like a charm, so I guess he fought through all the steps and figured it out.  :) 

So, yesterday I said I'd post a little more about Jason Koger, the Owensboro man who was featured in an episode of "Hawaii Five-0" last night.  (By the way, the photos I'm posting here are courtesy of Jason's website, jasonkoger.com).


Anyway, Jason and his friends couldn't have been nicer.  Unfortunately for me, I missed the entire episode while I was in the live truck putting my story together.  But, how cool to be able to watch the show and know that they are using your hands throughout the show?!

Jason, if you missed yesterday's entry, lost both hands in an ATV accident in March 2008.  Despite that terrible loss, he is so upbeat and positive.  Very glad to have met him yesterday!


In the particular episode of the show that aired yesterday, Peter Weller ("Robocop") was playing a man who had lost his hands.  Jason said in many shots he actually stood behind Weller and put his arms around like they were Peter's.  Anyway, last night Peter Weller texted Jason and I think even got on speaker phone and talked to the crowd for a moment that was gathered at the viewing party.  Pretty cool:)  Also awesome, the fact that Jason got to spend 2 weeks filming in Hawaii!  Niiiice!

Since I ended up being here so late last night, I'm cutting out early today.  So, you won't see me on the news tonight.  Thinking about bundling up and taking a little walk or going on a hike of some sort since it is so nice out (compared to what we've been seeing)!

Enjoy the day!

Until next time,


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