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Burning the (almost) midnight oil...

It's now 11:51pm.  I came into work a little after 9am.  Why am I still here?  Ahh, good question.  I've just downed a gas station hot chocolate, hard boiled eggs and a banana.  Considering opening the mini Cadbury eggs, but thinking I'm going to stay strong.  Ha!

I ended up in Owensboro tonight for a story.  Normally, of course, I don't work nights.  This was a good story, though, that I felt like we needed to share, so I decided to stick around.  An Owensboro guy who lost both hands/arms (elbows down) a few years ago when he hit a downed power line while riding an ATV had a watch party tonight.  His bionic hands were featured quite a bit in tonight's episode of "Hawaii Five-0".  Pretty cool!  I'll try to write more tomorrow and share a pic.  Right now, time to high tail it out of here!

Sleep tight (if you aren't already).

Until next time,


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