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How do you feel about possibility of alcohol sales on Sunday?

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You can buy lots of things on Sunday, but retail alcohol is still not one of them in Indiana. 

Now, lawmakers want to know how you feel about the possibility of lifting that ban. They're holding a public forum this week.

Up at the statehouse, the push is on to talk, again, about allowing the sale of beer, wine, and liquor on Sundays. 

On one side, the Indiana Retail Council, the lobby group Hoosiers for Beverage Choices, and other supporters of lifting the ban say Indiana's alcohol laws are outdated and among the strictest in the nation. 

They also say if the state allowed alcohol sales on Sunday, it could collect some $9 million in additional tax revenues.

On the other side are small hometown stores like Frontier Liquors who like things the way they are.

"Big box stores versus small hometown stores. That's really what this fight is about," Owner John McCollough said.

McCollough says if Sunday alcohol sales were allowed the little guys would no longer be able to compete with big box stores. For example, he says, Sundays are grocery stores 2nd busiest shopping day and the grocers can garner customers with loss-leaders.

"A lot of the prices you see in sale ads where it just looks too good to be true, it's because they're taking a 20 cent, 30 cent, $1 loss per case, trying to attract customers in," McCollough said.

Lawmakers are now opening up the discussion to the public. The Indiana House's Public Policy Committee has scheduled a public hearing Wednesday morning at the statehouse. 

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