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ISP: Number of gun permits denied has nearly doubled in 4 years

Amid the national gun control debate, Indiana State Police say they are denying more and more gun permits in the state. 

ISP says in the past four years, the number of permits denied has nearly doubled.

Trooper Todd Ringle tells 14 News there are various reasons as to why there is such a large number of denials. Ranging from a higher number of applicants to stricter background checks for those seeking to carry a weapon.

"We take this job very seriously," Ringle said.

Last year, state police denied more than 2,000 gun permit applications, statewide. Which is nearly double the applications denied by the agency, in 2009.

"We are seeing a lot more people wanting gun permits. Any time we have more requests, of course, the denials are probably going to be a lot higher," Ringle told 14 News. "So again, we take this job very seriously. Before we issue a gun permit, we want to make sure that person is going to be responsible."

Ringle also says technology improvements have made police better equipped to handle background checks and have made for tighter scrutiny.

"You can still buy a gun, as long as you pass the NICS instant background checks," Bob Hinton said. Hinton is a co-owner of Right to Bear Arms in Haubstadt. 

Hinton says without the permit, you won't be able to legally carry the weapon in public. Something he believes diminishes the point of buying a gun in the first place.

"As you know, today's society is a little bit crazy, if you will. So, it's kinda nice to feel the comfort that you can protect yourself, or maybe even others," Hinton said.

Hinton also says tighter scrutiny on gun permits is a good idea, though he believes those who shouldn't have guns will still find a way to them.

"The criminal, of course, as you know, and you're probably heard it a million times, is not going to come in here and fill out that paperwork for a gun. He's going to steal it somewhere, by an alley somewhere, or find another avenue to get that weapon," Hinton told 14 News.

Hinton says some of his customers are denied gun permits due to record reports that are decades old. He says those who are denied initially can apply to have certain prohibiting elements of their record expunged, though he says that is a lengthy process.

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