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Pakistani government reacts to fertilizer plant

The Washington Times is reporting that the Pakistani Embassy is defending the Fatima Group's conduct and pledging cooperation in a U.S. investigation into the company and its plan to build a fertilizer plant in Posey County. You can read that statement on the Washington Time's website by clicking here.

For now the project is on hold. Governor Mike Pence first acknowledged concern over the project in an interview with 14News on Thursday.

If the plant is built the project is expected to go up at the Ports of Indiana in Posey County. That's according to Mt. Vernon Mayor John Tucker.

One Mt. Vernon businessman hopes the plant does make its home in the tri-state.

Charles Lawrence has built over a thousand houses in Mt. Vernon and once he heard the news of a fertilizer plant coming to town, he decided it was time to start building.

"Hearing about this fertilizer plant, we thought that was a good opportunity to provide some more lots because we know that they advertise 300 plus employees coming and we want to be ready for them," says Lawrence.

Lawrence also says the homes, about 100 of them, would be built just north of the Country Club Estates subdivision.

He tells 14News he won't build nearly as many if the deal falls through.

"We hope it'll happen, but we'll survive if it doesn't," says Lawrence.

"I'm certainly appreciative of our state and federal officials that they're doing their due diligence to make sure this is a good company to not only bring to this country, but bring to this community," says Mayor Tucker.

The mayor says he's heard from residents and they seem to be divided pretty evenly in terms their opinion on the nitrogen fertilizer plant coming to town.

State Senator Jim Tomes made the following statement regarding Midwest Fertilizer's plan to build a plant in Posey County:

"At this time, I am engaged in discussion at both the federal and state levels concerning any developments on the possible Posey County fertilizer plant. I've initiated conversations with the offices of Senator Dan Coats, Lieutenant General Michael Barbero, the Indiana Finance Authority and Governor Mike Pence."

"Governor Pence's staff has been very helpful, even taking the time to sit down with me for a private meeting to discuss the concerns I've heard regarding Midwest Fertilizer's background in Pakistan. I've been reassured that he has suspended the project pending further investigation."

"Likewise, I've been notified that the Indiana Economic Development Corporation has suspended their support of the plant at this time, and Senator Coats' staff has assured me they're also looking into the issue."

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