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Crumbling downtown building may be dangerous

The former Caesar's Show Bar, a well-known vacant building in downtown Toledo, is showing its age and may be dangerous to the public.

The building, located at the corner of Jefferson and Ontario, is surrounded by saw-horses and scattered debris – sign that the exterior is crumbling. A section of the façade on top has already broken off, and another section is being supported by a metal pole.

The mayor's office reported that the building has been condemned, and the building's owner has been notified of the situation.

No additional safety measures have been taken to secure the building, and some people worry other portions of the building will fall and hurt pedestrians or vehicles.

"The bricks look like they're ready to fall apart," said Mario Casiano. "They need to patch it up or something. It's a nice building, but if it's dangerous, it's dangerous."

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