That's a wrap!

No fun pictures today. :(  Just wrapping this up quickly before I head out the door for Harrison.  Doing a live shot around 6:15pm (it's 5:28 right now) for my Spirit Cheer Team story I've been working on for a couple of weeks!  Very excited about the way it turned out.  Now I just hope the girls, their parents and coaches feel the same way!

Turns out I'm wearing black and red, and of course, Harrison plays Memorial, my alma mater.  Let me go ahead and confront the hard time I'm likely to get from some of my Tiger friends.  Did NOT do it on purpose!  I wore the red scarf since it is Go Red for Women day, supporting heart health.  A black shirt was about the only thing I had that really matched!  So, let me just say, I will still be rooting for MHS, despite my outfit! :)

This story, in all, involved four different shoots on four different days at four different locations!  Today I spent probably a good six hours working on it… maybe slightly more.  We don't often get that much time to work on things, but I think this story was worth it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Until next time,