Owensboro service member promoted at high school

An Owensboro native was promoted at an unusual location this afternoon. Air force Captain Sarah Chelgren-Brooks was promoted to the rank of Major at Owensboro High School. This type of promotion usually takes place on a military base.

"It actually turned out a little bigger than I expected," said Major Sarah Chelgren-Brooks, "I'm being promoted from Captain to Major. Promotions are always a big deal, but this one goes from a company-grade officer level to a field-grade."

Chelgren-Brooks was planning to visit her family in Owensboro and chose to have the ceremony at Owensboro High School so her family would be able to attend.

"I'm very excited. I'm a little nervous with all the attention. It got bigger than I expected. I'm excited about getting promoted and the new job. The new responsibility and getting to share it with friends and family," said Chelgren-Brooks.

Chelgren-Brooks graduated from Owensboro High School in 1995 and graduated from Kentucky Wesleyan College in 1999.

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