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Four-legged officer retires after near decade of service in Daviess County

The Daviess County Sheriff's Office says farewell to a key member of its team. A medical condition has caused her to end her service.

Two heads, four eyes, six legs, and one heart. That's the motto that's used here at the Daviess County Sheriff's Office to describe the relationship between Deputy Russ Day, and his K-9 partner, Abby.

Deputy Day still has some trouble accepting how different his shift will be without Abby.

"She's with me all the time. Even when I'm at work, she's with me, and at home she's with me, so it's like we're together 24/7," said Day.

Recently, Abby's been having problems with arthritis in her back and hips. That's made work a little more difficult, and it seemed like the right time to retire.

"It's just not allowing her to...she still loves doing her job, but it doesn't allow her to do her job very good," said Day. 

Abby's job went beyond drug detection. She also served as a link between law enforcement and the community and she's a pretty good conversation starter.

"Usually my first question is 'That's a police dog?' You know? That's usually the first thing I hear," said Day.

After Friday, the K-9 program will temporarily be on hold, but Sergeant Kent Taul says the office is determined to keep it going.

"We are getting by with less money for certain things. K-9 program is obviously an expensive program. Still, we're not out to do less for less," said Sgt. Taul. 

Even if deputy day does get a new partner in the future, he knows there's no replacement for Abby.

"Very emotional day today, but she...we'll make it okay. She'll go home with me and end up laying on the couch and just retiring," said Day. 

Abby spent eight years serving the community.

Abby's 9-years-old and spent most of her time with the office at Daviess County High School.

Deputy Day says students loved to visit with her. 

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