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Severely abused dog found with broken back during Owensboro arrest


Owensboro Police make a gruesome discovery when serving an arrest warrant.

Authorities searching the suspect's home say they found a malnourished dog.

Officers say the dog, named Quill, had a broken back which caused his back legs to be paralyzed. Officials say Quill couldn't feel his back legs and was chewing them. 

"I took it straight to the vets office," said Danielle Hutchinson, Veterinary Technician, Daviess Co. Animal Hospital. "We were able to start cleaning out the wounds and excess how far damage their was. We did some X-rays and found out that his back had been broken," she said.

Officials say Quill was taken to Bluepearl Veterinary in Louisville.

Sadly, our sister station WAVE tells us that Bluepearl notified them Friday morning that Quill had to be euthanized. 

Officials said that Quill's back was broken so badly, even if they got him a cart, he would be in too much pain. They felt strongly it was in his best interest to euthanize him.

The owner's name has not been released. Daviess County Animal Control is doing the investigation.

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