The "Roseanne House" is for sale!

Anyone else feeling like this week is going by pretty fast?  I will take that feeling! :)  Nothing much planned for the weekend on my end.  Big IU game, that's about all I know!  My brother is a HUGE IU fan and a recent graduate.  My boyfriend is a HUGE Michigan fan.  Probably for the best he will be out of town.  Watching the game together could get kind of ugly!

Ok, well back to the present.  I'm sitting at my desk writing this while listening to the Lady Aces basketball game against Bradley on the radio.  Munching on some kind of interesting cracker thingies.

They are not my favorite, though I guess I can't really complain since I technically "stole" them from my parents' house when I ran by there earlier today.  They're supposed to be half-cracker, half-pretzel.  Not really sure about that.  Mom, if you read this, I hope you will like them better than I do!

I actually "covered a story" just a block from home today.  The "Roseanne House" in the 600 block of S. Runnymeade is on the market.  Asking price-$129,000!  It's funny because I've known this house was for sale for a little while.  It just never really crossed my mind that it was a story!  Anyway, it was a fun little piece to put together.

I had the good fortune to find a woman who grew up just a few houses down from the "Roseanne House".  She said she spent a lot of time there back in the day.  The house still looks about the same on the outside as it did when it was shown on the "Roseanne" show.  Inside, though, it's seen a lot of renovations.  Wonder what it will actually end up going for... ??

One of my other stories today was about Mesker Park Zoo's cheetah dying.  Boo. :( The cheetah, Anya, was seven years old.  The zoo's Executive Director said she had a physical, then a follow-up root canal procedure.  She briefly came up after that procedure, then collapsed and couldn't be brought back.

Now they have to wait for a pathology report to hopefully shed some light on what happened.  Apparently cheetahs usually live to be about ten or so.  It's kind of a bummer because lately when I've been to the zoo it's been to report about dead animals. :( Donna, the hippo, was the last one.

Wellllll, I've got a little bit of time to spare before I head over to USI to film a halftime performance.  I'm pretty sure I've NEVER been to a basketball game at USI, so this should be kind of interesting!

Hope everyone stays warm and safe tonight.  I'd be ok with the snow going away until next winter!

Until next time,