Tonight at 10: To catch a child predator, 14 News special report

Investigators have new tools in their arsenal when it comes to tracking predators who view and make child porn. Since October -- at least seven people have been charged in the tri-state -- and police say they're on the trail of dozens more.  Brian Boesin has our special report "Preventing Child Predators."

Snow fell tonight and we're watching road conditions deteriorate. Jeff will tell us what we can expect overnight and during the morning commute as temperatures keep falling.

We'll hear more from Governor Mike Pence on how the controversial proposed fertlilizer plant in Posey County is now hold.

Find out why some 500 people were turned away from a concert tonight at the Ford Center.

And from Daviess County, Kentucky how a special motorcycle is raising awareness about breast cancer.

See you at ten, David James