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What did Gov. Pence say about the Posey fertilizer plant?

Indiana's Governor, Mike Pence, on Thursday weighed in on the developing story 14 News has been following all week about a proposed fertilizer plant in Posey County.

As we first told you on Monday, a report in the Washington Times says the Pakistani based Fatima group has refused the Pentagon's appeals to control fertilizer products that end up in homemade bombs.

David James spoke one-on-one with Indiana Gov. Pence Thursday Afternoon.

When asked about the plant the Governor said that, as of his first day in office, the plans for the plant were on hold, adding "Economic Development is important but the safety of our troops in Afghanistan is the most important of all and I know every Hoosier cherishes those who put on the uniform to defend this country."

"We're in the process of making a careful evaluation of the appropriateness of Indiana's involvement in this project with those priorities fixed in mind."

To watch our complete interview with the Governor click here.

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