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O'boro works toward goal of business growth and development


As Owensboro continues to work on its busy agenda for 2013, the city wants to continue its goal of encouraging business growth and development and it has some new ideas to help accomplish that. 

As the redevelopment movement continues in Owensboro, economic leaders say they hope people will be encouraged by what's going on around them.

That's already happened to people like Nick Knapp.

He works for VE Creative, a company whose story we've told you and knows the importance of growing new businesses.

"That's gonna be the backbone of this city is having people who are willing to go out there and start up their own businesses, to grow those businesses, and to bring money into Owensboro," said Knapp. 

If you're one of those people but aren't sure where to start, Knapp says it's easy.

"You need to encourage everyone to do something that they love, and sometimes you just have to go out there and you have to find something that's unique to you and start up your business," said Knapp. 

To help encourage business growth, economic leaders will hold special showcases that give the public an inside look at current and future projects.

Nick Brake with Owensboro Economic Development explains the importance of the relationship.

"They can help us work to develop new business and new opportunities in the region," said Brake. 

That's crucial in today's world.

"We're so much more connected nowadays, globally, you know? People are in networks, social networks, social media networks, with people all over the place," said Brake. 

Having the public help boost business growth could mean big things.

"It's gonna move this town to the next level," said Knapp. 

At a time like this when there are many projects in the works here in Owensboro, officials say it's important for the public to stay up to date.

Those showcases start on February 21st and are free.

They're open to the public, so if you'd like to register, click here. 

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