It hadn't happened in 219 days....

It happened yesterday, A tornado in Adairsville, Georgia, killed at least one person in a mobile home park.

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It was the end of a record.  Before that, the United States had not recorded a tornado fatality for 219-days. The previous record was 187-days back in 1987. Sadly, at least 2-deaths in Tennessee and Georgia from tornadoes that ravaged the southeast on Wednesday.

This was the same monster system the produced 3-tornadoes across the 14WFIE viewing area while Jeff and Chad were in wall to wall severe weather coverage.

Sure...we had the drought last summer which kept all storm fatalities lower. However, since the 1950s, population has increased while all weather related deaths have declined. This inverse relationship is very positive and the advent of new technologies should keep this trend going.

More to come;

Byron Douglas