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Holly's House receives special donation

Holly's House received a special donation Wednesday. 

The pastor from Bethlehem United Church of Christ personally handed over an $1,100 check to Holly's House. The donation is really something, but so is the story behind it. 

With a warm embrace, and smiles, Mark Sirnic and Holly Dunn Pendelton seem like they've know each other forever.

In fact this is the first time they are meeting, but they do already share a unique bond, one that neither of them would ever want.

"We would never wish it on anyone. We don't' want it. But it's there and it bonds us together," said Holly Dunn Pendleton, Co-Founder Holly's House.

You see, Holly was a victim of the same man, who you may remember as the Texas Railroad Killer.

"My brother and sister in law lived in Texas and he broke into their house and murdered them one night," said Mark Sirnic, Pastor.

Ramirez killed at least 15 people across the U.S. In the 90's and sexually assaulted many.

Holly Dunn Pendleton was his sole survivor, but her boyfriend was killed.

"I was glad she was a survivor. And so very impressed with the work that she does here," said Sirnic. 

Mark, a pastor from Colorado moved last year.

Out of all the city's in the country, he happened to end up in Evansville, which he later found out Holly's House was located in.

"A zillion to one. It's the proverbial small world. I would never have expected this kind of connection," said Sirnic.

Holly on the other hand, is not surprised.

"Odds are great, but things like this happen often. They make the world smaller...It probably really was always meant to be..but god definitely lead him here," said Holly.

If you want to make a donation to holly's house you can do so by going on their website. 

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