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EPD says early morning shooting self-inflicted

Evansville Police continue to investigate an early morning shooting.

Police say around 4:45 Thursday morning a taxi cab driver reported seeing a man and a woman coming out of the house at 323 Cass Avenue.

Police say the woman allegedly shot the man in leg.  He was taken to St. Mary's with non life threatening injuries.

EPD says two people have been arrested as a part of the investigation. One is a juvenile and the other is an adult.

Police say the juvenile was arrested after trying to leave the shooting scene with two guns and a large amount of narcotics.

The juvenile is being held at the Youth Care Center on possession of narcotics and weapons possession charges. The juvenile is not a suspect in the shooting.

The adult is in custody, but has not been officially charged with a crime yet.

After examining the physical evidence, Evansville Police believe the early morning shooting was self-inflicted.

Investigators say the injury appears to have happened when the gun discharged in the man's front pant pocket.

The man is still undergoing medical treatment.

When he is released from the hospital, police say he will be charged with being a violent felon in possession of a handgun.

Officials tell us his name will be released when he is arrested on that charge.

When the investigation is complete, detectives will determine if any additional charges will be filed.

Police believe the juvenile that tried to remove guns and narcotics from the scene was trying to remove evidence that could be used during the police investigation.

Police believe one of the guns seized from the juvenile was involved in the incident. 

Officials say the juvenile and the adult knew each other, but are not related.

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